A3 Mechanical




AC Console Unit Wall Based

A3 AC Console Unit Wall Based

Cooling Tower Type A

Cooling Tower Type B

AC Console Unit

Enclosure Electrical American Access Technologies A0622 RF

Extractor unit

Fan Coil Unit


A3 Exhaust Fan



15_1 Bullhead Tee 1 Side Reducing Round

15_1 Bullhead Tee 2 Side Reducing Round

15_1 Bullhead Tee Straight Round Down

15_1 Bullhead Tee Straight Round

15_1 Concentric Reducer Round

15_1 Concetric Reducer Rect

Rectangle Duct Concentric Reducer 47

15 1 Duct Rectangular Vert

Duct Rectangular

Duct Round Vert

Round Duct Vertical Piece 43

15 1 Duct Round

15 1 Elbow 45 Rect Curve

15 1 Elbow 90 Rect Curve

15 1 Elbow Rect Down

15 1 Elbow Rect Vert

15 1 Takeoff Rectangular Down

15 1 Takeoff Rectangular Up

15 1 Takeoff Rectangular

15 1 Terminal Round To Rect

15 1 Terminal Wall Rect

Horizontal Rectangle Exhaust Terminal 65

Horizontal Rectangular Exhaust Terminal 63

15 1 Elbow 45 Round

15 1 Elbow 90 Round Down

15 1 Elbow 90 Round

Round Duct Vertical Elbow 90 57

15 1 Takeoff Down

15 1 Takeoff Round

15 1 Takeoff Up

15 1 Terminal Round To Round

Terminal Wall Round

Horizontal Round Exhaust Terminal 62

Horizontal Round Exhaust Terminal 64



M Furnace

M Radiator Hydronic Baseboard

Radiator Cast Iron

Radiator Column

Radiator Mdrn



CP Escalator 3060mm

CP Escalator 4060mm

CP Escalator 5100mm

CP Escalator 6870mm

CP Escalator 7120mm

A3 Escalator

Escalator (AUS)


M Escalator



Electric Lift 4 person (M)

Electric Lift 4 person wall based (M)

Electric Lift Wall Based

Glass Lift Rectangular

Lift Assembly

M Electric Lift wall based

MFX Lift Centre Door

MFX Lift Side Door

OTIS Bed Lift 2000kg



2 Panel Louver


1130 x 574 Louvre (2)

1130 x 574 Louvre

1130 x 574 Louvre2

1500 x 2400mm Louvre

2000 x 2400mm Louvre

2000x2600 Louvre

2070 x 574 Louvre

AC Louvre

Aluminium Louvre 4011

Aluminium Louvre 3655

Aluminium Louvre 4016

Aluminium Louvre 4063

Aluminium Louvre

AU Port hole louvre

Basement Louvre 1250 x 1250

Corner Louvre

Horizontal Louvre no reveal

Horizontal Louvre

HW plant Louvre 1

Kitchen Extraction Louvre

Louvers with Trim

Louvre (2)

Louvre (3)

Louvre 1

Louvre 2

Louvre Blade

Louvre Component (2)

Louvre CT

Louvre infill panel

Louvre Panel Parametric

Louvre Panel Skylight2

Louvre Panel Skylight3

Louvre Panel TL01

Louvre Panel TL02

Louvre Panel TL03

Louvre Panel TL04

Louvre Panel TL05

Louvre Panel TL06

Louvre Panel TL07

Louvre Panel TL08

Louvre Panel TL09

Louvre Window (UK)


Main Entrance Louvre 1 2285w x 941h

Main Entrance Louvre 2 2285w x 1088h

Louvre Panel Skylight


Roof Vents


Roof light 1

Roof light

Roof light2

Roof light 4800mm

Roof vent

Roof vent gatehouse

Roof Vent Steel 1

Roof ventilation

Rooftop Plant